The world’s foremost fabricator of hand-sculpted, life-size specimen trees for public and corporate spaces needed a new capabilities brochure to showcase their art and explain their patented process. The cover’s organic composition complements the interior page’s tree bark which is printed on textured, uncoated stock. The copy explains the fabrication process along with clever references to biological classification and taxonomic ranks.

The Challenge
This undersized, square and outdated product brochure fails to display the majesty and grandeur that is NatureMaker Steel Art Trees. A grid of cramped and distracting images is displayed without the organic rhythm and balance evident in each tree.

The Solution
NatureMaker’s redesigned corporate brochure has an organic composition of trees and leaves printed on metallic paper and counterbalanced with a tipped-on letterpressed card of their corporate logo. Inside, specimen tree images are juxtaposed with close-ups of the patented NatureMaker tree bark printed on translucent and textured stock to mimic the bark’s tactile quality. The brochure’s copy explains the fabrication process while creatively entwining biological classification and taxonomic ranks as a guide to understanding.

StudioConover - NatureMaker | NatureMaker Brochure before and after
StudioConover - NatureMaker | NatureMaker Brochure before StudioConover - NatureMaker | NatureMaker Brochure after
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