StudioConover is a Brand Consultant and Communication Design firm for Manufacturers of Building Products. This is our specialization. We have consulted and strategized for manufacturers when they’ve needed to reshape their brand. We’ve created graphic standards when a unification was needed. We’ve consulted to craft a determined campaign for a targeted demographic. And we’ve been hired to reassess product line mixes and colorway palettes. Our expertise involves the consultation, design and production of a vertical skillset of specialized campaigns that have a unique way of delivering solutions that consistently differentiates in a crowded marketplace.

We see building product brands everyday because we also specify building products. We are in constant contact with companies, their sales team and their marketing materials. We search online for products and know what succeeds — and fails — inspirationally and informatively. Often, manufacturers’ marketing materials are mundane and confusing. Their voice is murky and they present a mystifying product mix. When StudioConover is hired to consult with manufacturers of building products, we begin with an audit that reveals the best and worst practices. This holistic assessment intuitively reveals the next step to take. And our experience — as specifiers of the very products and companies we consult for — gives us the insight necessary to shape campaigns or product mixes accordingly.

We know qualified clients look for specialists. StudioConover consults with successful product manufacturers that wish to construct a clear identity, an inspiring product mix or a consistent communication strategy that is implemented effectively. Contact us today for more information.

StudioConover is a cross-discipline design studio specializing in integrated brand strategies, communication design and product and architectural consultation for the built environment. We have consulted and contracted with Building Product Manufacturers during the early stages of brand and product incubation and we help define marketing and product strategies. There’s really no ideal time for when to collaborate; just an ideal studio with whom to collaborate with.

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