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marriage of design + color

StudioConover is a cross-discipline design studio specializing in Product and Architectural Consultation, and Integrated Brand Strategies for the Built Environment. We consult with Building Product Manufacturers that become more than core product offerings, they become building product trends. From manufactured stone veneer shapes, combinations, colors and textures, to integral coloration techniques for clay and concrete roof tile and product colorways for pavers and tile surfaces, StudioConover has the ability to refine building products that are both mimicked by the competition and admired by the A&D community.A perfect blend of creativity and ingenuityThe Irvine Community Development Company hired StudioConover to develop a stone blend that represented the characteristics of Tuscan and Provence-inspired stone-built structures. StudioConover worked closely with Eldorado Stone on three separate profiles but the real pièce de résistance was the grout technique specified. A close study of Old-World structures displayed a wonderfully instinctive yet naive application of the grout which was often slathered on the stone with seemingly reckless abandon. This characteristic specified, directed and coined “overgrout” by StudioConover has become as ubiquitous as the Tuscan-style architecture that it is used on. Consequently, Eldorado’s custom profile: Turtle Ridge, renamed Cypress Ridge, became a nationwide Eldorado profile with sales totaling in excess of $1M+.When StudioConover is hired to consult with manufacturers of building products our experience — as specifiers of the very products and companies we consult for — gives us the insight necessary to shape campaigns or product mixes accordingly.

marriage of design + color

building contexture

StudioConover is a cross-discipline design studio specializing in integrated brand strategies, communication design and product and architectural consultation for the built environment. We have consulted and contracted with Building Product Manufacturers during the early stages of brand and product incubation and we help define marketing and product strategies. There’s really no ideal time for when to collaborate; just an ideal studio with whom to collaborate with.

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