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Arguably, one of Southern California’s largest building product distributors had a sales presence that fittingly relied on a strong salesforce but underestimated the power of a strong and consistent brand. That all changed when Tina Berkaw convinced owner Kenny Thompson to hire StudioConover to strategize and design a new thin brick brochure, specification binder, product packaging and website. With deference to their past we crafted a visual iconography that is smart both visually and functionally. Because, when it comes to building materials, both sides of the brain get worked.

a strategy built for a distributor that represents many manufacturers

Presenting the product offerings of the many manufacturers a Distributor represents is a significant challenge for any Product Distributor. Gathering the necessary assets and presenting the most current product line is virtually impossible without a dedicated resource that coordinates the effort on a regular basis. StudioConover devised an effective solution to this challenge. Rather than rely on the gathering of all pertinent assets — an administrative nightmare — an aggregate collective for each manufacturer presents a link and downloadable pdf for each customer. This strategy avoids aging asset issues since the most current info, served offsite, is always present for each manufacturer.ROI is a constantly moving target, especially for new marketing programs that previously had no dominion and no benchmark. Today, Thompson Building Materials now has both programs and benchmarks on which to build upon.

building industry

StudioConover is a brand consultant and communication design firm for manufacturers of building products. This is our specialization. Many generalists claim they design brochures and build websites (they do) but few have the years of experience StudioConover has strategizing, crafting and building compelling and results-oriented campaigns for manufacturers. Our expertise involves the design and production of a vertical skillset of specialized campaigns that have a unique way of delivering solutions that consistently differentiates in a crowded marketplace.

We know the Client because we are the Client

We see building product brands everyday because we also specify building products. We are in constant contact with companies, their sales team and their marketing materials. We search online for products and know what succeeds — and fails — inspirationally and informatively. Often, manufacturers’ marketing materials are mundane and confusing. Their voice is murky and they present a mystifying product mix. When StudioConover is hired to reshape brands, we begin with a design audit that reveals the best and worst practices marketing-wise. This holistic reveals the next step to take. Smart thinking begets smart design which creates a cohesive brand in the mind of the A&D community.We know qualified clients look for specialists. StudioConover creates print and online campaigns for successful product manufacturers that wish to construct a clear identity and a consistent communication strategy that is implemented effectively. Contact us today for more information.

thompson building materials


A chance encounter with past Thompson Building Materials advertisements revealed a distinct and evocative period style that inspired StudioConover’s newly redesigned specification binder, website product brochure and sample packaging. Visually reminiscent of classic instruction manuals Thompson’s newly-voiced brand is designed and written with a retro and whimsical style. The overall demeanor is reverent yet cheeky.

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