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Redland Clay Tile has all the ingredients necessary for manufacturing their all-natural clay tile roofing products. What was lacking, however, was the working (design) capital for an effective brand.The initial design meeting identified their needs and the beginning stages of exploration began with an audit of Redland’s current branding. Sketches included indications of clay mined from terra firma: texture, earthen color, roughness. It was quickly determined that the previous modernity utilized was out of character.

Concrete Marketing Solutions for Clay Tile

When customers contacted Redland for sample tiles, all requests were sent samples in every color and every texture. This proved to be both expensive to fulfill and confusing for the customer since there were so many choices. Too many, in fact, for an effective review and selection.StudioConover’s solution was to design and program a sample ordering component that allowed for an online selection of individual roof tile samples. Once implemented with Redland’s Internal Sample Fulfillment Department, costs associated with sample delivery decreased by more than 30%. Upon completion of their new website, product brochures and specification binder, Redland reported a dramatic analytic increase in website usage, binder requests and understanding of the clarified product line categorization.

redland clay tile


The comprehensive re-brand for Redland Clay Tile, a clay tile manufacturer located in Mexico, fulfills the promise of an all-natural clay product. Considering Redland’s product is a handmade, clay tile, it was important to imbue the inherent characteristics and represent its rough-hewn attributes relevantly. A color palette representative of the materials was specified for printed and online components. Color, texture, clarity and a unified voice remain consistent throughout each component touchpoint.

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