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“The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World.” A statement that began as a sales promise (when manufactured stone was in its infancy) became a brand promise known the world over. At first, research indicated that customers were cautious. This meant Eldorado needed both a product — and brand — overhaul. Beginning with their product, StudioConover consulted with Eldorado to help them formulate a more believable coloration mixture. In unison, their brand became uniform and their marketing presence more prevalent and effective. Every customer touchpoint, from specification binders to ads and websites voiced the newly mapped corporate brand strategy.

a tradeshow presence that started a (r)evolution

In 1997, StoneCraft, then an Eldorado Stone franchise, purchased a 20 x 20 tradeshow booth space. Our previous attendance at building shows recognized how poorly other siding companies presented their products; most were merely laminate walls with framed pictures. StudioConover conceptualized a booth that mimicked interior and exterior elevations with installed Eldorado Stone.A trend was born. Today, rare is the manufactured stone company that doesn’t present its product without the accompanying architectural element. Eldorado Stone, however, was the first. StudioConover is indebted to Eldorado Stone who has continually demonstrated their trust, not only in our design skills but our strategic thinking too, which has helped shape a dominant brand in the architectural siding market.

eldorado stone


StudioConover has been strategizing and creating printed and online communication design for Eldorado Stone since 1995. A coordinated effort with their marketing, sales and management departments has conceived websites, online marketing campaigns, printed collateral, direct mail, tradeshow design, packaging, advertising and more. From a simple 8-page product brochure, Eldorado has grown to a multimillion dollar worldwide manufacturer with an esteemed brand equity.

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